Montabella Community Schools

Montabella Elementary School Spotlight Student of the Month

Callie Bandfield(Kindergarten), Nominated by Mrs. Reichert

Callie Bandfield, SOTM March

"Callie Bandfield is our Spotlight Student for March. Callie is a hard worker and nice friend. She makes good use of her time, and works independently. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, too. Nice job, Callie!"

Emma Bartlett (Kindergarten), nominated by Mrs. Smith

Emma Bartlett, SOTM March

"Emma Bartlett is our Spotlight Student this month for Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten class. Emma is a great helper in the class and likes to help other students as well. Emma does a great job in the classroom with following the 7 Habits and being a role model for her fellow classmates. Emma is sensitive, caring, and a great friend to her classmates. Keep working hard, Emma!"

Avery Keeler (Kindergarten), nominated by Miss VanderMeulen

Avery Keeler, SOTM March

“Avery Keeler has been nominated for Student Spotlight this month. Avery is very kind to his friends in school. If someone is having a bad day, he is the first to offer kind words or help. Avery is also eager to help me in the classroom. I often see him finding ways to keep our classroom neat and organized. Avery is also great at following classroom rules and expectations. Thank you, Avery for being a great role model for other students!"

Xavier Lobert (1st Grade), nominated by Mrs. Lovejoy

Xavier Lobert, SOTM March

“Mrs. Lovejoy’s Spotlight Student for March is Xavier Lobert. Xavier has really shown bright this past month! He has done an excellent job at completing his work, and has been a great leader in our room for the 7 Habits. Xavier has also been a huge help whenever it is needed. Congratulations, Xavier!"

Esther Bristol (1st grade), nominated by Mrs. Blumer

Esther Bristol, SOTM March

“Esther Bristol is Mrs. Blumer’s Spotlight Student for March. Esther is a sweet, kind, and happy student! She is always ready to help, share, or volunteer for anything that is needed. She is also making wonderful progress in meeting her Reading goals! She is becoming an excellent reader and has made me very proud to be her teacher. Keep up the great work, Esther!"

Jeremy Ebel (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garner

Jeremy Ebel, SOTM March

“Jeremy Ebel was chosen by Mrs. Jenison as the Spotlight Student for March. Jeremy is always willing to help out in the classroom, and always puts his best effort in to his work. Jeremy is a kind student who follows the 7 Habits. Thank you Jeremy for being a great role model for your classmates, and for Montabella Elementary. Keep up the great work!"

Ariel Cardoso-Earick (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garcia

Ariel Cardoso-Earick, SOTM March

“Ariel Cardoso-Earick is our classroom’s Spotlight Student for the month of March. Ariel has been working extremely hard in all subjects and is excelling very well. She is a well-rounded student who brightens up our classroom and her caring attitude for her classmates cannot be missed. Ariel is a great role model for many students!"

Lia Dood (2nd grade), nominated by Mrs. Garvey

Lia Dood, SOTM March

“Mrs. Garvey’s Spotlight Student for the month of March is Lia Dood. Lia is very focused on doing her best at all times. She takes her time to make sure she does her best work and gives her best, “Show What You Know” the first time. Lia works hard at showing the 7 Habits and is ALWAYS ready to learn something new! She LOVES to read and was the top reader in the class for March is Reading Month. She has a great imagination and has used it to write a couple of stories. Lia always tries to be helpful in the classroom and also helps classmates when needed!"

Grant Cook(3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Arganbright

Grant Cook, SOTM March

“Grant Cook is Mrs. Arganbright’s Spotlight Student. He has made excellent progress with his academics and behavior this year. He puts first things first and completes quality work in a timely manner. He participates well in class and enhances our discussions. Grant’s behavior has made great improvements throughout the year as well. He is now a model citizen in class. He keeps his voice at the appropriate level and leads by example. Keep up the excellent work, Grant!"

Arriana Welch (3/4 Split), nominated by Miss Nozal

Arriana Welch, SOTM March

“Miss Nozal’s Spotlight Student is Arriana Welch. I want to recognize Arriana for her hard work and growth that she has made this year. Also, her spunky personality and attitude puts a smile on everyone’s face in the class. Congratulations, Arriana! Keep up the good work."

Tucker Flachs (3rd grade), nominated by Mrs. Huguelet

Tucker Flachs, SOTM March

“Congratulations, Tucker Flachs for being nominated by your classmates to be the March Spotlight Student! This month, classmates chose who they felt was most deserving for this recognition, and they chose Tucker for his calm, kind-hearted spirit. He was described by his peers as being a good friend, helpful and a role model to others. Tucker does a great job at putting first things first and is responsible. Nice job, Tucker, keep up the good work!"

John Ely (4th grade), nominated by Ms. Hoyt

John Ely, SOTM March

“John Ely is our class Spotlight Student this month. He has been working so hard on his class assignments. John puts first things first and has been making sure he gets his assignments completed. He also is beginning with the end in mind with his reading goals and has been working hard on reaching that. He is constantly reading books over other options for class. We are so proud of the work and effort that he has shown. Keep working hard, John!"

Bryce DeLong (4th grade), nominated by Ms. Schreur

Bryce DeLong, SOTM March

“Ms. Schreur’s Spotlight Student is Bryce DeLong. Bryce has been a hard worker all year. He listens well in class and follows directions quickly. He may be quiet- but he has many things to talk about! He has enjoyed the Origami Yoda books with the origami folding directions in the back of each book. Bryce does well in all subjects, but Math is his favorite. Keep up the hard work, Bryce DeLong!"

Jamison Stockwell (5th grade), nominated by Mrs. Heller

Jamison Stockwell, SOTM March

“Jamison Stockwell is Mrs. Heller’s Spotlight Student for the month of March. Jamison continues to improve with his reading and writing skills. He has been assisting other students with peer editing and revising. Jamison is a great role model and is very friendly to everyone he meets. I truly appreciate the kindness he as shown to others. Keep up the great work, Jamison. I am very proud of you! "

Mason Irwin (5th grade), nominated by Mr. Simon

Mason Irwin, SOTM March

“Mason Irwin is always working hard in Mr. Simon’s class. He puts great effort into his math work, and is quick to ask questions if he doesn’t understand something. He is a kind student, and is always willing to help others. Mason is often helping pick up the classroom at the end of the day. In addition, he helps to put up chairs and anything he can do to help. Great job, Mason!"

Emma Davidson (5/6 Split), nominated by Mrs. Avink

Emma Davidson, SOTM March

“Mrs. Avink’s Spotlight Student for the month of March is Emma Davidson. Emma is always nice to everyone, and works well in groups. Emma has improved a lot this year in Reading, Math, and Speech. Emma is a great role model in our class. Keep up the great work!"

Andy Fuller (6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Adgate

Andy Fuller, SOTM March

“Let the spotlight shine on Andy Fuller! Andy ALWAYS has a smile on his face. He meets academic deadlines and works hard once he gets going. He can be goofy and silly, but shows compassion whenever anyone else is feeling sad or just not quite up to par. He has a great sense of humor and tries very hard. He will be one of the first people to offer to help and does it with a pep in his step and a big grin. "

Destnie Swan (6th grade), nominated by Mrs. Fenton

Destnie Swan, SOTM March

“The March Spotlight Student for Mrs. Fenton’s class is Destnie Swan. Destnie is an extremely sweet and kind young lady who had to make a difficult transition from her previous classroom to ours due to scheduling issues. She made the transition without complaint and put forth her best effort to adjust with a smile on her face Destnie works hard and gives her best effort in all of her work. Congratulations, Destnie!"

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