About Montabella Community Schools

Home of the Mustangs!

Montabella Community Schools is located in mid-Michigan.  The district’s boundaries include portions of three different counties: Montcalm, Isabella, and Mecosta.   The school district covers 150 square miles, which then requires about 1200 miles of transportation per day with the majority of the students being transported.  Montabella Community Schools currently maintains two facilities including Montabella Elementary (PreK – 6th Grade) and Montabella Jr/Sr High (7th-12th Grades).
A variety of services are offered to the students at Montabella Community Schools depending on their grade level. Among these services are Title I, Special Education, Alternative Education, Advanced programs, and Career Center.

Montabella Community School’s Mission Vision and Values Statements


We the people of Montabella Community Schools in cooperation with our community, assure all students the opportunity to learn and grow to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.  We do so by offering rigorous and relevant opportunities subject to continuous evaluation and adjustment.


Montabella Community Schools, in cooperation with our community, will be a driving force of inspiration and motivation to promote high standards of academics, athleticism, character, creativity, cultural awareness, and wellness, ever striving to help students reach their full potential and remain a strong source of community pride.

Core Values

  • Academics
    Academic offerings and achievement are high priority and are taught and learned with passion and excitement.
  • Character
    Staff, parents, and community share the responsibility in developing students with good character to include: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship thus producing individuals who contribute positively to their community.
  • Communication
    Open and honest communication among students, staff, parents and community is encouraged and essential.
  • Motivation
    Motivation for success comes from staff, students, parents and community members who will encourage initiative, perseverance, and completion of positive endeavors; vocational, academic, athletic, and artistic to achieve their full potential.
  • Opportunity
    Ample and equal opportunity for all!
  • Ownership
    All stakeholders share responsibility and ownership for learning by acknowledging and supporting district obligations and opportunities, image and focus, needs and necessities, product and pride.
  • Wellness Promote mental, physical, and emotional wellness in a positive environment to nurture self-assured, self-confident students.
February 2011