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Many years ago when I came to Montabella I found many interesting things while putting the band program back together, and one of these things was a large box of labelled/unlabelled reel-to-reel tapes. Many of the boxes had seen better days and from the condition of some of them I could tell they had not been touched in years. I put the box aside thinking that I would check them out as I had time.

When I got around to opening the boxes 20+ years ago I realized that some of them did in fact have labels on them. They were old recordings of past festival performances. Since I knew the history of Montabella Bands I set out to save as many recordings as I could. I spent the better part of two years going through each of the reels to find ones that had not decayed to the point of breaking so that I could transfer the recordings to a computer. Sadly many of the tapes were so brittle that they could no longer be read by the reel-to-reel tape machine. After getting through all the tapes I was not really sure what to do with them (it was about 1998 at this point, there was not much I could do with them) so I kept them on a hard drive in storage and it was forgotten about.

In the fall of 2015 I stumbled upon the hard drive again. Now that we have this wonderful thing called the internet I knew it was time to share these recordings back with the Montabella Community. Below are the recordings I was able to save all those years ago. If you would like to listen to one just click on the link and it should begin to play. If you want to download one to your computer just right click the link and select "Save As" and you can download the files. They are all in MP3 format. Enjoy.

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