The following District obsolete material, equipment, and furnishings are offered FOR SALE.
Please email your offer to



We are pleased to introduce you to our process for disposing of obsolete District property and the opportunity for you to purchase that property. We have developed protocol to provide a simple, predictable, and definitive way to communicate when the District has property for sale. We will post anything we have for sale here on our own website to post obsolete property for sale at We will also be posting at the start of every sale a reminder link on our Facebook page. We are hoping to reach out to our community, parents, students, staff, and surrounding communities and communicate what items the District has for sale. If there is a minimum bid then we will include that in the posting. Minimum bids will be identified for items that otherwise have a value for scrap. Items with no scrap value will be posted at $1 minimum. During the listing period, prospective purchasers can view all Montabella Community Schools listings from the District website (About Us | For Sale). The posting will include information about the item for sale, a photo, and time and location where the item can be inspected. If you are interested in making an offer for an item, email your offer to You will not know what other offers, if any, have been made; so make your best offer. At the close of the bidding, the person with the highest qualified offer will be notified that their offer has been accepted. The purchaser will have 10 calendar days to issue payment and pick up the item. Payments can be in the form of cash. Checks may be acceptable with prior approval of the Business Manager.