Covid-19 Updates

The following is a cumulative list of any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases that involved students, staff, or other individuals that were present on the campuses of Montabella Community Schools.  This list will be updated within 24 hours of receiving notification from the Mid Michigan Health Department.  In addition to this publication, parents will be notified by email, phone, or text of new cases when they occur.



Date of Health Dept.

Building Impacted

 Staff, Students, both or general public

 Positive or Probable 

Total Cumulative


08/31/20 Jr/Sr High Student 1 1
 09/10/20 Jr/Sr High Student 1 2
10/18/2020 (notified by school of opponent) Cross Country Course General Public (spectator) 1  
10/28/2020 Elementary Staff 1


10/29/2020 Elementary Staff 4
11/4/2020 Jr/Sr Staff 1 5
11/9/2020 Jr/Sr Student 2 7
11/9/2020 Elementary Student 1 8
11/11/2020 Jr/Sr Staff  1 9
11/17/2020 Jr/Sr Student 2 11
11/17/2020 Elem Student 1 12
11/18/2020 Elem Staff 1 13
1/25/2021 Jr/Sr Student 1 14
2/15/2021 Elem Student 1 15
2/19/2021 Jr/Sr Student 1 16
3/19/2021 Jr/Sr Students 3 17


The following procedures have been in place at Montabella Community Schools to help minimize the risk to students, staff and visitors.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting on frequently touched surfaces every 4 hours
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of rooms
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of buses after each route
  • Cohorting of students
  • Social distancing of 6 feet whenever possible
  • Personal protective equipment including face coverings for all students
  • Handwashing requirements prior to every meal served at the school
Click on the link below to see MCS' Safe Schools Roadmap

Montabella Community School's Safe Schools Roadmap

Montabella Community Schools' Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan was approved by the MCS Board of Education.  Please click the link below for the detailed plan.

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan

Extended COVID-19 Training Report 


Montabella Community Schools' COVID-19 Continuity of Learning Plan was approved by the MCS Board of Education.  Please click the link below for the detailed plan.

Montabella Community School's Continuity of Learning Plan


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Recently you should have received a letter from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in regards to the Pandemic EBT benefits.  These benefits are for the purchase of food for time when meals were not available at the school.  These benefits are made available by the state for students when the district was closed due to COVID-19 issues.  These benefits should be available for every student for the months of November, December and January since the district operated remotely during those months.

In addition to the benefits that every student received for those months, individual students may qualify for benefits other months. In order for an individual student to qualify for these additional benefits, the student must have been learning partially or fully virtually that month.  This means if you elected for your child to learn virtually this school year or if your child was in quarantine due to COVID-19 and learned remotely during that time.  If your child is in that situation these steps must be followed to reconsider the instructional method for that month(s).

  • Fill out the Reconsideration Form (attached to this email)
  • Provide a Proof Document from the school – this documentation can be requested by contacting Patti Hicks at or (989) 427-5175
  • Both forms must be mailed to the MDHHS.

PEBT FAQ for Parents

Reconsideration for Student Pandemic EBT