Covid-19 Updates

A message from Ms. Millis

The district is committed to trying to keep students in school as much as possible while at the same time also keeping everyone safe. Changes in the way that we handle close contacts is one way we are attempting to keep kids in school as much as we can. The only time that the district is mandating quarantine for students is when an outbreak develops, which means there is a common connection at school between positive cases. At this time we are announcing a testing option that would allow mandated quarantined students to return to school a few days sooner. These procedures are outlined below and are completely voluntary. 

  • Quarantined students can VOLUNTARILY get a COVID test on or after day 6
  • If the test is negative, the student could return to school on day 7 
  • Tests must be performed on or after 6 days from last exposure, tests prior to day 6 will not be accepted 
  • Testing can be done at any testing facility and provide proof of the negative test on or after day 6 to the school office 
  • Tests can also be performed at the school with an antigen rapid test with signed consent from parent 
  • PCR COVID tests are the gold standard tests, if a student tests positive at school with an antigen rapid test getting a negative PCR test would trump the antigen test result
  • This testing option is 100% voluntary, those students and families choosing not to test would return to school after 10 days 

All references to days are the number of days since the last exposure to the individual that tested positive for COVID. Day 1 is the first day after the exposure. 

We hope this new option will allow for students not infected to return to class a few days sooner. If you have any questions about this new option feel free to contact either me or the principal at either building.

Close contacts who live in the same household must quarantine since the contact was more than just school exposure.

The following is a cumulative list of any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases that involved students, staff, or other individuals that were present on the campuses of Montabella Community Schools.  This list will be updated within 24 hours of receiving notification from the Mid Michigan Health Department.  In addition to this publication, parents will be notified by email, phone, or text of new cases when they occur.



Date of Health Dept.

Building Impacted

 Staff, Students, both or general public

 Positive or Probable 

Total Cumulative


8/15/2021 athletics staff positive 1
8/26/2021 elementary visitor positive 2
9/13/2021 Jr/Sr High staff positive 3
9/16/2021 elementary staff positive


9/20/2021 Jr/Sr student positive 5
9/20/2021 elementary student positive 6
9/21/2021 Jr/Sr student positive 7
9/21/2021 Both staff positive 8
9/22/2021 Both staff positive 9
9/23/2021 Jr/Sr High student positive 10
9/24/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 students positive 12
9/24/2021 Jr/Sr High staff positive 13
9/27/2021 Jr/Sr High 4 students positive 17
9/27/2021 elementary student positive 18
9/28/2021 Jr/Sr High student positive 19
9/29/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 students positive 21
9/30/2021 elementary staff positive 22
10/1/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 students positive 24
10/1/2021 elementary student positive 25
10/4/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 students positive 27
10/6/2021 Jr/Sr High student positive 28
10/7/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 students positive 30
10/8/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 students positive 32
10/11/2021 Jr/Sr High 4 students positive 36
10/11/2021 Jr/Sr High staff positive 37
10/13/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 students positive 39
10/13/2021 Elementary student positive 40
10/16/2021 Jr/Sr High 3 students positive 43
10/16/2021 Elementary 3 students positive 46
10/16/2021 Jr/Sr High staff positive 47
10/18/2021 Jr/Sr High student positive 48
10/19/2021 Elementary staff positive 49
10/20/2021 Elementary 3 students positive 52
10/21/2021 Jr/Sr High student positive 53
10/21/2021 Elementary 2 staff positive 55
10/21/2021 Elementary student positive 56
11/2/2021 Elementary staff positive 57
11/2/2021 Elementary student positive 58
11/2/2021 Jr/Sr High student positive 59
11/3/2021 Elementary student positive 60
11/3/2021 Jr/Sr High student positive 61
11/4/2021 transportation staff positive 62
11/7/21 elementary staff positive 63
11/8/2021 Jr/Sr High 2 staff positive 65
11/8/2021 both staff positive 66
11/9 Elementary
positive 67
11/10 Elementary 1 student 1 staff positive 69
11/11 Elementary student positive 70
11/11 transportation staff positive 71
11/13 Elementary 2 students positive 73
11/14 Jr/Sr High student positive 74
11/16 Jr/Sr High staff positive 75
11/18 Elementary student positive 76


The following procedures have been in place at Montabella Community Schools to help minimize the risk to students, staff and visitors.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting on frequently touched surfaces 
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of rooms
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of buses each day
  • Handwashing requirements prior to every meal served at the school
Click on the link below to see MCS' Safe Schools Roadmap

Montabella Community School's Safe Schools Roadmap

Montabella Community Schools' COVID-19 Continuity of Learning Plan was approved by the MCS Board of Education.  Please click the link below for the detailed plan.

Montabella Community School's Continuity of Learning Plan