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Montabella Community Schools is a Class C school district comprised of approximately 800 students. The district is located in mid-Michigan and has boundaries that include three different counties: Montcalm, Isabella, and Mecosta. We get our name Montabella from a combination of the three counties MON-TA-BELLA for MONtcalm, mecosTA and isaBELLA. The school district covers 150 square miles, which then requires about 1200 miles of transportation per day with the majority of the students being transported by bus. We are able to accomplish this efficiently and limit a bus ride to an hour or less for every student.

Montabella Community Schools currently maintains two facilities: Montabella Elementary (PreK – 5th Grade) and Montabella Jr/Sr High (6th – 12th Grades). Both schools are located on the same campus which allows for multiple opportunities for our students.  A variety of services are offered to students at Montabella Community Schools depending on their grade level. Among these services is Title I, Special Education, Alternative Education, Advanced Programs, Career Center, Peer-to-Peer program, and a variety of extracurricular opportunities.

In April of 2017, the Montabella Community Schools Board of Education adopted a new strategic plan that identifies goals for the district over the next 3-5 years. These are the areas and the goals that Montabella Community Schools will be placing focus on:

We will use dedicated funds (ie; sinking funds) to address specific needs while exploring the use of a bond to address larger building & facility projects.

Support teacher retention/recruitment through the allocation of time, resources & training.

Culture/Learning Environment
Enhance the educational environment to provide positive, active learning opportunities for students.

Communication/Community Involvement
Maintain consistent communication that increases community involvement and engagement to build healthy relationships.

We will enhance the existing curriculum and implement new programs to increase test scores and improve academic and real-life opportunities.

Please contact our Central Office or either building with any questions you may have about Montabella Community Schools and how to enroll.

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Central Office Directory

Montabella Community Schools

Wendy Binge
Registrar/Technology Coach
Derek Brown
AD/Dean of Students
Jennifer Socha
Curriculum Director
Jeff Theisen
Maintenance Director
Ray Welling
Transportation Director

*Compliance Officer